Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heavenly Cradle Cake

I'm telling you...I see all your FABULOUS how to's and the pictures of your ideas and, and, and....there is just not enough time.  So I bookmark them.  Every once in a while I have the opportunity to pull up one of those favorites and try it.  But not before I'm seeing it in my on paper...and while I'm driving (not literally).   Before I show you my twist on something already done by others (and done perfectly, I might add), you need to check out some inspirations like this cute, cute baby with blanket cupcake  from  My Cake School  and then maybe you want to look HERE for a crib pattern.  My little cake only needed a wee little cradle...that rocks....with a baby and blanket inside....and sitting on a cloud.  It was in my head!

This is my interpretation: 

Our daughter is a L & D (labor and delivery nurse...not that you needed to know, except then you would wonder what the L D initials on the cradle  meant...maybe you would think she has a baby named Leslie Denise. or something like that) and I just thought that being in L& D was occasion enough to try out the patterns...the ones I had seen and the one they became in my head...

Cradles hold little gifts from God...
God lives in heaven...
I can't make God or Heaven....
But I can make a cloud for the cradle to rest on!

So what did my labor and delivery nurse-daughter do? 
Take a picture on her phone and posted on FB!

This was not my first.
My first cradle is baby-less.
I couldn't keep my hands off of it.
It was just too cute.
It was all open lattice work.
I must say...It was constructed and repaired several times.


Now, here it sits...all alone...waiting for "THE BOX".
Talk about a professional pattern.........I copied in class on a scrap piece of parchment paper.  I found the pattern on line....once ( I have really looked).  Sorry I can't give original credit.  BUT the pattern below was given at a Wilton Class. 

The cradle on the cake was made with a solid royal icing head, foot board and bottom with the "lattice" sides. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing the cradle. I hadn't seen any lately. Maybe you've made some. PLEEZE share. I'd love to see them!


  1. Oh goodness, I can't believe you made those cradles!! They are really impressive!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed them. I enjoyed them so much, I think I made a line of cradles. There they sit in the box "warehouse" just waiting for a baby shower or two or three to come.