Thursday, August 11, 2011

The One-Bite Mini's

Hi!    I am just a regular everyday baker, who sometimes hits the mark and other times misses terribly. and psst......some days I don't even bake.   I am willing to share even my disasters because maybe that will save you from making the same errors.... or  add some laughter to your life (not because I am funny, but because some of the errors might be "unbelieveable")  Interpreted:  YOU would NOT do it that way....  But everything is not a disaster and while I am not a mega blogger (those people are SO inspiring) I think I can share that "in-between" stage....not a beginner and certainly not a professional....yet.  Guess I am a LEARNER (willing to share).

I made some mini cupcakes to take to work today.  All are butter cakes with a variety of buttercream icings:  chocolate (with sugar rose buds), wedding mint, orange, lemon, coconut and blueberry.

I transported in muffin  pans, but I really did serve them in a baker's box-they didn't need to be left out for two days, but the "window" on the big box let everyone see the little cakes.  I find that my cake tote does not have deep enough cups to keep them from falling back into muffin/cupcake pans-- mini and regular to travel any distance.  It's like a safety belt for cupcakes :) 

It was our first day back.  This is my 28th "first"day back. seems EVERYONE is on Weight Watchers.  And it is a really good thing to do...many are successful. I WAS one of them...for a while.... But almost no one wants cakes and pies (sniff, sniff) anymore.  And just when I'm getting better at it, too (sad face).  But a small bite is sometimes a very good thing.  You get a taste of sugar, but not too much.  The trick is......eating just one.  So take them to a crowd.  And when the dust clears you'll be lucky to have one left.  So that's why you sample before.  SMART IDEA! 

HEY!  Guess what?  Someone is giving away some really sweet cupcake tins and coordinating plates and cups!!! Isn't that great?  I want, want, want it to be me.  Pleeze, (hands raised and jumping up and down--you know...the annoying student in the class)  pick me....(eyelashes now fluttering and sweet with  a winning smile).  See, I settled down. The contest is <sigh> all over and no prize for me...but you can still check out her blog  HERE at Cake Journal.....but don't forget me....ok?

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