Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three Generations of Celebration!

Hi!  I have no idea if anyone out there ever reads these things.  So the pressure is off.  I think I'll just type and if you are there you can roll your eyes.  It's okay.  Another 12 calendar pages have been turned and here I am looking back one page to our January month of birthdays and celebrations!

First Happy birthday to my MOM, 88 years young!

Vanilla butter cakes with homemade lemon curd filling in the top tier and coconut cream filling in the bottom tier.  Covered in Mexican vanilla buttercream.  Embellished with fondant petals painted with orange/gold luster dust.  Topped with painted fondant numbers and surrounded by gumpaste flowers. The satin ribbon and bow completed Mom's cake this year.  Her response?  "What are we celebrating?"  Gotta love her!  Full celebration with her favorite foods (catfish, french fries, coleslaw and hushpuppies/cheese)  for lunch before the important stuff....cake, icecream and coffee for sure!  

Most of the family came and even though it makes me sad to not be able to have her at the house, or take her to her favorite restaurant,  my very, very loving family made the day special.  And in the end? Mom enjoyed each moment as the celebration rolled on,  only to forget that we were even there just moments after rolling her back to her room.  Sigh!  no, big SIGH!!!  Our Lord tells us over and over to go look forward and not to look back so much.  And to "number our days..." for the important things:  God and family, are the only things we can hold on to when life gets a little bit messy.  Maybe you've been here...maybe you are here now...maybe you understand.

OK....more generation celebrations! Before I start that looking back thing...(of course I'm posting for a month past)  just pray for me, ok?
Celebration #2
A certain someone, I won't mention who, turned a whole 39 last month and had a yummy, delish, succulant, fresh, home-made, bad-to-the-bone strawberry cake for her birthday.  

No, not from my kitchen, but none-the-less a dessert plate of awesomeness! And from her sister!  Happy Birthday to our Jenn!

Celebration #3
If you have looked through very many of my posts, you may remember a certain John-Deere  lovin' grandson.  If not, well, you will see the request this year has finally a truck.  "MiMi, can you make me a pick up truck?  And one that went mud riding?  And maybe got bogged down?"  Ummmmmm...... "I'll certainly try!"

What can I say?  (A MiMi's gotta do what a MiMi's gotta do :)
One chocolate butter cake with loads of chocolate buttercreamy-ness and good ol' R.C. bars covered in fondant for the truck body.  Oreo tires and gumdrop lights.  Add a little edible silver "paint" for the chrome and of course we have to be hauling Oreo "dirt".  There are so many places you would be fully justified in criticism, but as I've said before...It's just cake.  And the birthday boy thought it was waaaay cool.  So happy 12th birthday to our Jack!   The toy years are quickly coming to an end.  I'll be sad to see them go.   I love the fact that real keys are not even in the picture...yet....

Celebrating 3 out of 4 Generations in one month... yep, I'd say that's pretty special.  Capture those precious moments.  They are always changing!  
Partial family photo taken almost 10 years ago today.  Mom (not pictured) 78,   Birthday  Daughter 29 and her son only 2. how we need to enjoy the gifts that our Father has so generously given to us.!

NOW on to another baking holiday!  Coming soon!