Sunday, August 14, 2011

Petit Four Journey....Attempt #1

As the title reflects...I have ventured off into the unknown and certainly into a very unfamiliar abyss.  I have made my first petit fours.  I will continue my quest for them.  They are just such cute confections.  Well, some people make such cute confections.  Mine are...well...made with love.  See?

And I'm a glutton for punishment, so here's a close up....
And just because I could, here's some more that are done in white...

After looking at SEVERAL U-Tubes on the topic, I found that temperature is a big deal.   Heating glaze over a hot water bath and coming to 100 degrees and no more that 130 is essential to keep the shine.  Guess I went over on the blue and just right on the white, huh?  Without even knowing.  Hate it when I find out something AFTER the fact.  My flowers are from my Wilton classes.  I still have plenty :)

Also learned that many use pound cake, cut 1 - 2 inch squares, placed on their sides and then cut with a round or square cutter to make pretty cutouts with no brown crusts...unlike mine, which have a wee bit of brown character.  Some freeze their cakes and then cut.    Maybe next time.  These were made in a Wilton's petit four pan.  I  saw some baked in silicon on videos.  Great idea (they don't brown very much) SOoOoO Maybe...but I just bought these.  So guess I can try again and watch for color?  Or just buy the pound cake.  We'll see.  I think they are so dainty looking; but I have some more practicing to do.

I will end with the taste....they were delish!  Some say too sweet on the blog posts, but...they are glazed with sugar....go figure!

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