Monday, August 1, 2011

A Cake for....a Man?

Do you have a great that encourages you and thinks you are pretty alright?  I think I have that!  When my grandson requested a white chocolate cake with strawberry filling and icing, I thought "He wants that for his sweetheart"  and I made a very tastey and very pink cake.  They LOVED it.  But his Dad (one of our son in laws) asked for a cake, Italian Cream.  So as of yesterday, it's been baked and iced.  What's the difference between "frosted" and "iced" anyway?   Oh, well, back to S.I.L.  He has his own business, has been swamped and did NOT come to pick it up yesterday...bummer!
So into the freezer it went.  Now, it WAS a regular, plain this

Until I started procrastinating a few important jobs that I need to do clean the floors, fold clothes and a little something like pay bills....okay, I hear ya.  (head down and exhaling LOUDLY)  I'll get to it next thing.  Really, I will.  I promise.  I don't owe you do I? 

It  all started because I was cleaning the counter tops and saw my class daffadils.  Those sure would look great on a cake.  Well, ok,  not "great" but maybe "nice"?  Gee, I only had two.  So why not stop what I'm doing and make.....say.... five more? (I still have two) The cake came out of the freezer and the piping tips just flew into my hands and...just let me show you

Maybe he will still like it....if he, today.  How long can you keep a decorated cake in the freezer?  I may find out :)  Right now it's just chillin' but not back in the freezer...yet,  and waiting patiently to be gobbled up...

You still love me....don't you?  It has grass, that's manly, don't ya think?

Cake has gone to its new home, taste testers loved it...very moist and coconut-y.  You have to really love the coconut for this one.
But more especially my son-in-law gave me a big hug.  And the flowers on a guy cake?  Well, he seemed impressed that I made them....for him....on his otherwise regular Italian Cream Cake.  Wonder how many more times I can do this?  Okay, bye for now and happy baking :)

oops!  One more question...How do you decorate your man-cakes?

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