Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's All in the Month--January!

Do any of you have these months?  The one where you are filling up the calendar with family names on their birthdays?  It's like that for us.  January...must have been a great month for our family!

So let me start

 The new hasn't even worn off the NEW YEAR and already my sweet mother is celebrating her 86th birthday.  To put this in more perspective, she looked at her coconut cake and said something like, "What are we celebrating?"  Age has such a way of bringing the unexpected into our lives.


Next one on the calendar is our piano-cake daughter.  Last year, I can say, I even surprised myself.  And from the number of people who have gone to that post, it must have been a really good choice.  This year?  No piano, no awesome theme.  But there was still cause for celebration!

Yellow butter cake with chocolate mocha buttercream roses.


From Momma's kitchen.  Sometimes life is just yellow cake with chocolate icing.  And if it brings smiles is really okay!

Take time to celebrate family and make some smiles!


And yet another family birthday celebration.  This time our John Deere grandson broke away from his annual request of tractors on cake.  Recently, his Papa has taken him hunting.  Yes, at age 9, our grandson bagged his first deer near the end of last year.   I can't decide whether my cake friends need to see that milestone.  Let me think about it.  But for now, let's look at cake and sugar :)

Can you guess what his request was this year?

Rifles and gun racks made from Wilton candy melts. 

Or what about this one?

Rice Krispy hunter cover in camo-fondant coveralls, cap and "rubber" fondant boots.  I formed him around a small gauge wire "skeleton".  I know it wouldn't win any awards, but boy did those elementary art classes at LSU come in handy!    They at least gave me a starting place.

While the hunter has his eyes on the little deer eating corn, the big-rack buck has another rifle stuck in his rack pointed at the hunter.

 I can almost guess what his wish is for....

 I hope all your good wishes and dreams come true!  Glad I found the deer!  Aunt Tiff made the delicious carrot  cake this time and used her new toy to spray the camo icing.  The only thing non edible?  The two deer.  Was he disappointed?  Not a chance!  A true hunter and a very loved nephew and  grandson. Happy 10th Birthday!!!!

That real deer picture?

Here's your warning.  Stop here if you don't want to look.

One happy grandson!

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