Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas in January Cake

It doesn't matter who you are.  Sometimes your best plans dissolve into .............. where do those plans go, anyway?  Our church operates a wonderful private Christian school (not to mention two of our grandchildren   are students there).  Christmas activities were in full swing, a school program was planned and then we had a totally unexpected turn of events where we could do nothing but reschedule the program.  The cake that was planned was to be a gift box cake with a small Nativity scene inside.  But it, too, had to wait until January.  In January?  Well, of course!  We can celebrate the birth of Christ on any day of the year.....and we DID.  It was such fun!   Like having two Christmases...sorta.  Anyway the children all were fantastic--as we knew they would be!  And the cake made it to the celebration.  Take a peek....

You know, some might think of this as a tent....but it truly is supposed to represent a box--a present.  I may have missed the mark here just a bit.  But the kids seemed excited about it. The "box" is a three layer (white, yellow, chocolate) cake covered in fondant and carefully cut out to make room for the cake board supports and a lid.  The lid is so totally non edible as are the satin ribbons.  But the White 50/50 fondant bow is certainly edible if you'd like to sacrifice a tooth or two :)   Bottom support cake is a 2 layer half sheet white cake with buttercream icing and mini candy cane "hearts".  

Don't you just love the little lighted Nativity.
When I saw it I KNEW where it was going.
Did you know...
Nativities were really hard to find this year.
So, So 

Thank goodness for Christian based Hobby Lobby's!
And stores like them!!!!

Somehow, though, what was in my head didn't quite make it to the cake board.
But I count those kind of experiences as learning ones.


after all

it is
just cake :)

Now this was something I'd label
our students praising the reason for the season..Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas in January!!!!!

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