Monday, January 30, 2012

One John Deere Loving Boy Birthday Request

If there ever was a fella who loved John Deere more, I don't know who that could be.  This young man has lived, breathed and admired John Deere tractors and equipment ever since he could toddle up and say "tractor".  Most every make, model and their uses have  been brought up in nearly daily conversations.  It doesn't help that his uncle owns a large equipment repair shop or that he lives surrounded by fields that get plowed on a regular basis!  "He" is one of our three grandsons. And he is posing in front of his cake at the park.

But as with all things cake, it didn't start out this way.  If you want to take a walk with me, I'll share this cake "journey" with you.  Or you can just keep me company.  Come on.....

Here is my journey to make a wish come true...

"MiMi...if it's not too much trouble, could you make me a cake with a tractor?"  "Sure"    "And could you make the tractor in a field?"  "I think so"  "And could you use Oreo's for the wheels?"  "Uh Huh"  And if it's not too much trouble could you make some pigs?"  "I will do my best"  "And....."       "Jackson!  That's enough! (his momma)"   "oh...ok....that's cool"

So we first worked on the tractor.  Obviously, I began work before I did my current research on actual tractors.

Rice Krispie Treats
I do not know who decided to package these homemade jewels, but it was a brilliant idea!

They cut, they mold, they shape, they are not heavy...and fondant covers them well!

Shape the tractor and cover with green-colored fondant, smooth and whala!

I did not use the big Oreos.  Because I was in the store and saw these marshmallow pinwheels (picture above) and almost skidded to a stop.  "Tires!"  So, a bag of "tires" came home with me.  But I did get mini's and regular oreos as well....Spare tires?


Made my first pig and fell in love...
Just could not stop until I had 3 little piggies.
Complete with curly tails and  piggy snouts.

Every farm has dirt and every tractor has to plow, don't they?

This one might have a little mud, but that's just going to be ok!
The plow discs are Murray Sugar Free Mini Cookies.
The rest of the plow is a hardened strip of fondant painted green with food gel and water  and a little floral wire.  It will have to be assembled upon arrival....if the hail storm doesn't  make its appearance....(All the rain held off  until they had played and ate.)
Thank you Lord for your mercy!

Many times we have plans...."a"   "b" "c"....

Leaving the house we had plan "a" until my sweet husband wanted to help.
"Wait a minute and I will open the doo...r"
And in an instant with a door bump and a tummy touch
we are already planning how to mend...

Up to plan "b"
ALWAYS carry a 911 box!!!!!

Then there was this farming accident:

   Now we are up to plan "c"
Isn't he pitiful?

I wasn't going to show him, because I thought I was still in mourning...Nah

So...I needed another driver!

Piggy volunteered.  He had been secretly hoping to be molded into a people anyway.

AND Beacause I hurt his brother's feelings...
He decided to run and jump in the muddy rows.

Dirty, silly piggy!

It's official
The pigs can play
And so can the birthday boy and his friends :)

I almost forgot...the fence is piped with melted Wilton Candy Melts.  Just in case you were curious, ya know. 

 I believe Jackson was very pleased!

HaPpY  bIrThDaY!!!!!

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