Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guy Cake

Birthday cakes produce mental pictures of delicate roses and soothing pastels on pristine white icing with swirls...........NOT. Not today!    Guy...roses, swirls, pastels--just not seeing it.  Well, maybe a few swirls.

I asked my husband (the man who lets me play with food and doesn't bat an eye when the icing takes over the fridge) what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday.  I think I meant, white, yellow, chocolate....I'm not exactly sure, because then I followed up with "pick anything you want".  And...

HE DID!  Italian Cream....

Now Italian Cream is a good cake.  Moist and very tasty.  But I was thinking of using my newly found love for decorating...I really don't know what I was thinking.  I mean I've already made him a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream roses, beautiful shells and...maybe you may have seen a previous post of mine at about the time I finished my Wilton Classes.  He was SO complimentary of his "delicate" cake.   What can I make with Italian cream? It's bumpy!   I haven't taken class III yet.  Fondant?  wha?  No to self.  Not yet.  But I did come up with an idea.  Take a look.....

 He was an All-American back in the day...

Uh huh, I'm thinking football, aren't you?

Cut a wedge of yellow cake and make a partial stadium.  Buttercream!  Yes!
And somewhere, one of the fantabulous bloggers I follow posted a a picture of a "crowd" with sprinkles.  All right!  I have sprinkles!

 Field, field?   I know!   Tinted coconut...and that's a main ingredient in IC cake.  OKAY!  On a roll!!!!  And we need yard markers---royal icing and food pens.  Sure!  Royal icing on floral wire...will that work?  It did!  Age.....I got it...those yards to go markers on TV!  And of course Happy Birthday on top of the stadium.  Phew! 

The Happy Birthday Boy!
GoOoOo Dawgs!

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