Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Fainting Turkey Cake

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of you, my family and friends, have already made lists of people and things you are thankful for.  It goes without saying I am thankful for my husband, my aging Mom, our awesome children and even more amazing grandchildren in addition to others.  I am also thankful for my Heavenly Father and the church where we worship Him.  

OKAY...serious, but true feelings aside...I saw a picture of a turkey cake a year ago and have been waiting all year to bring him to life.  One little problem.  I can't find the picture.  I looked...a lot...well maybe not a LOT, but I all the obvious places but no turkey cake picture.  He was an adorable turkey coming to the realization of his fate with wide eyes and a look of somewhat panic.

Well anyway we had a church Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday night and that was all I needed to motivate me to try to make the cake from memory.....A Surprised Turkey CAKE.  One that would go down as a memory in the church history books.  (My head was a wee bit swelled-don'tcha think?) 

Here is a peek at his head and his toes...

He was on his way to greatness! Yeah, in my dreams.  My husband and I arrived at church and brought our other dishes and "the cake"--all ready to put his head on and wait for all the oo's and ah's.  

But my Surprised Turkey decided to take one look at the people and then he...ummm...he kinda just "fainted".  Yeah, his head was  a wee bit unstable and big and heavy and he could do nothing but fall back on his fondant feathers and just faint from all his awesomeness.  (This did bring more smiles than the original turkey plan)  My church family just loved me anyway....Did I tell you that we have some of the most amazing cooks in South Mississippi?  Well, now you know.  It's true!  And they are so encouraging.  Wish you could come be with us! he is in all his glory and thankfulness.  Maybe the turkey cake idea that still flies around in my head can come to life on another Thanksgiving or maybe you can bake your own turkey cake and share your pictures with me.  

Another reminder to smile and just be thankful for all blessings, both the expected and hoped for as well as the unexpected...for they make up the very being of our lives.  And it's ok.

Cake body was a carved 8 x 3 inch round vanilla butter cake covered with chocolate buttercream, and the base was a marble cake also covered with BC.  TOM's head is fondant covered RC treats and all other turkey "parts" (beak, legs, feet, feathers and wings) are fondant as well as the Happy Thanksgiving  plaque.  

And one last word to all of you...I wish you the very best of the holiday season with the hopes that each of you can find a sense of joy and thankfulness in knowing that in all ways and in all situations you are loved dearly by a God that formed even the lowly turkey and much more formed YOU.  

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