Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little Fun for Boss's Day

October ...Cooler breezes, falling leaves, pumpkins, and Boss's Day! And let me tell you, I have the most fabulous boss. She has managed to have a big heart for the special needs students of our school as well as the individual personalities of her staff while providing, to the best of her ability, a productive educational environment.  This is all serious.

NOW, let the baker in me have a little fun...

Hidden inside all this spidery-ness is a neapolitan-style cake and icings... chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream; strawberry cake, strawberry buttercream,  topped with vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.  The only thing missing is a spoon.

I do appreciate my boss, and yet I just had to have a little fun.  As my husband often says, "A day without a little laughter, is a day wasted."  

Life's little twists and turns, affect parents, students and teachers and staff; and I want to say "thank-you" to our principal for her efforts to keep the "cobwebs" away--those things that get in the way of a positive, productive school.

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